The Ingredients to Becoming Wealthy, Powerful and Free

Freedom By Friday takes a contrarian look at the world. You won’t find the same information in this weekly letter as you would in newspapers or the nightly news. FBF works to lift the proverbial veil on government cover-ups, mainstream media lies and market fluctuations. Every Monday you can expect to receive instructions from Kevin Raymond on how to profit from these events. Kevin Raymond goes against the grain to bring you the very best information to help you survive and prosper in any economic environment.

FBF was formed by Mark Patricks after being tired of always being fed lies and mistruths by the government and mainstream media. Kevin Raymond worked at traditional financial institutions learning the conventional ways to profit and make money. It was not until he flipped the script on Wall Street that he achieved real wealth.  Kevin Raymond now works exclusively on projects that shed light on the real ways to achieve ever-lasting wealth.

Easy Street is a weekly communiqué from penny-wise Nancy Patterson. Each Wednesday Nancy provides insightful information on how to cut expenses, find the best deals and win at the game of frugality without ever sacrificing personal lifestyle or one’s dignity.

It is Nancy’s belief that one can live their life sparingly, economically and smartly by giving the Jones Family the finger and focusing on personal happiness. Her aim for Easy Street is to show her prudent pupils the easy ways to budget, stick to it and succeed. You can expect to learn money pits to avoid, how to reduce life’s costly ways all the while being proud to do so.

Simple planning ahead and a knack for spendthrift has been Nancy’s philosophy since her early days growing up in the Midwest. Nancy grew up in smaller towns across the Great Lakes where it was a financial necessity to stretch each dollar and find multiple uses for items. She is used to exchanging money saving ways with neighbors, family and friends and was thrilled when her friend Mark Patricks asked her to explain how the rest of us could live as frugally and fruitfully as her. She lives in South Florida with her husband and family.

The Weekend Business Blueprint provides you a weekly outline and exposes some of the hottest business opportunities out there today. The letters are designed to give you actionable advice so you can start making money that very weekend.

Every opportunity is 100% legitimate. Most opportunities are Internet based and can be started on a shoestring. The goal of Weekend Business Blueprint is to give you the idea to start up a venture of any size or shape and make it profitable. What you won’t find here are scams or network marketing cons.

Marc Charles began his Internet career in 1994 as a web review author for Yahoo! Unplugged and has reviewed more than 8700 web sites. Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur and has launched several successful ventures. He has generated millions of dollars in advertising sales publishers since 1996 with his unique system and approach. He's also trained advertising sales teams around the world. He developed the first email newsletter "advertorial" in 1999. Marc is considered a foremost business development guru on the Internet. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, companies and startup ventures become hugely successful. Three of ventures became million dollar plus ventures with pathetically limited marketing budgets. Marc lives in Owls Head Maine with his wife and three kids.

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