Welcome To The League of Power

So what is The League of Power exactly?

Let me first say what The League of Power ISNíT: This is not some whacky cult and itís not a religion. Weíre perfectly legal and above board. Itís not an MLM/network marketing scheme or any sort of business opportunity.

So what is it?

An Internet secret society with a single mission: to liberate its members from slavery to ĎThe Maní through the FREE distribution of hard core information and mutually empowering introductions. Freedom by Friday is one such example.

In short, we give the gift of wealth, power and freedom.

Fortunes are made by an introduction, a phone call, a nod from an insider, trade-marking a few words or an idea or the registration of a website name. Thatís what weíre about- thatís what we do on a regular basis, as do many of my brothers and sisters in The League of Power.

There was a time when this would have been a crazy dream, but in the information age, itís reality...

We aim to empower our members to make more on a single handshake than a year working for Ďthe Maní! And this can be a reality for those who utilize what we teach them.